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Climate Diploma is a comprehensive process for small and medium-sized enterprises with methods and tools to work with issues revolving climate in a structured way. Our service Climate Diploma is based on a standard with requirements for emission reductions according to a systematic approach. The method for calculating emissions is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. ZeroMission developed this service with Sustema, two companies with deep understanding of both climate issues and the corporate world.



We identify and calculate greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire value chain.


Set targets

In joint workshops, we develop goals to reduce emissions at the right pace.


Get started

The climate management system is implemented within your organization.


Follow up

A qualified auditor follows up and ensures that the work has had an effect. A diploma is obtained after an approved audit.

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Read more about climate diploma in the following document.

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Filip Dessle climate strategist ZeroMission

Filip Dessle

Climate Strategist
Julia Senninger climate strategist at ZeroMission

Julia Senninger

Climate Strategist

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In order to reach the 1.5-degree global warming target we need to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester CO2 that is already in the atmosphere.

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