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December 22, 2022

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About us

ZeroMission is a company with a strong value base whose vision is to take companies to net zero emissions and to create planetary benefit. Through climate impact calculations, climate strategies, and carbon offsetting we help companies take their responsibility to measure and reduce their emissions but also to bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the corresponding extent they have emissions left. We do this through high-quality energy- and forestry projects. Our customers include several well-known companies with a high sustainability profile.


We who work at ZeroMission want to make a difference to the planet in harmony with better business for our customers. Everyone in our team is driven by a strong commitment to the climate issue.


We are now continuing to build a dream team of climate heroes that will develop and grow our business and help slow down the course of climate change.



We want you

With increased insight of the importance of the climate issue for both societies and businesses, the demand for our products and services is growing. We see a lot of things happening in the industry and we at ZeroMission have the ambition to stay at the frontline and develop our communication strategy with the latest science and help educate potential and existing clients about green initiatives and how they can contribute.


Our services for the climate are more important than ever and our ambition is to make sustainability a natural and profitable part of all our clients business strategy.

How we as a company is marketing ourselves and our services, and how we communicate in an inspiring, knowledgeable, and educational way with partners, clients and individuals is crucial for our success and how much we can help the planet.


We are now hiring a marketing and communication expert with expertise from sustainability and a solid understanding of the complexity in the carbon offsetting market.


Your role

As the Marketing & Communication Manager you will be responsible for the development and execution of our marketing strategy.

As a value driven company with a strong belief, we have an important message to share, you will work to increase awareness around ZeroMission and our services, and how it can benefit new clients and the planet. You will also set the directives for how we communicate with existing and old clients. You will also work with internal communication and make sure we as a company have the right tools for communication, in our different roles.


Responsibilities and tasks may include:


  • Develop and execute on our marketing and communication strategy to increase brand awareness and attract new clients, partners, and talents
  • Set targets and continuously evaluate our marketing and communication strategy by analysing data from various sources (e-commerce platforms, website analytics tools etc) to optimize the strategy for maximum efficiency
  • Develop and update routines, processes, and templates for communication with prospects and clients.
  • Responsible for shaping our offer and package our different products and services in an easy and attractive way for our prospects and clients.
  • Crafting creative campaigns that engage target audiences and encourage them to purchase carbon offsets
  • Responsible for our website and its content.
  • Creating content about the importance of calculation, reducing and capture one’s emissions to impact on climate change through our services.
  • Utilizing digital channels such as adds, newsletters, email marketing, social media and more to reach potential clients.
  • Plan and execute events and seminars.
  • Responsible for monitoring the latest market trends and developments, network and find strategic partnerships in connection to our services and marketing strategy.


As the Marketing & Communication Manager you will report directly to the CEO. You will work closely with both our Sales &Climate contribution team and the Calculation & Strategy team, our clients, and partners.



Your qualifications

As the market is evolving quickly, we see a need to quickly be able to assess the situation and adapt our strategies. We have an big advantage as an small company with very high competence around climate calculations and carbon offsetting so we can move fast, this agility is extra important in our communications, and for you to manage.


We are looking for someone who has the motivation and belief that we together with our clients can help stop the course of climate change. We value your personality and motivation to learn and deliver outstanding results.


Below are some of the desired qualifications and experiences we are looking for:

  • Educational degree required
  • +10 years of relevant work experience from climate and sustainability communications and marketing.
  • Experience form developing and implementing a communication strategy.
  • Experience from delivering climate statements in accordance PAS2060, ISO etc.
  • Service minded with experience of working with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Excellent communication skills together with enthusiasm, proactivity, positive energy and a can-do mindset.
  • Flexible team-player with ability to think outside the box, while holding on to a connecting strategy.
  • Strong business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset with ability to evaluate (evolving) markets, technologies, and standards.
  • Fluent in Swedish and English

To succeed at the role, we also believe you have a strong motivation and creativity to develop yourself and our business. You enjoy working in a team but take individual responsibly for your areas of work.


Why you should join us
ZeroMission is a growing and forward leaning company in a market full of possibilities. You will have the freedom to make your mark on the organisation and to take climate action into your own hands. You will be able to execute your ideas to improve our climate and our business and truly make an impact.


Together with our clients ZeroMission has already contributed to climate benefits with the reduction over 4,5 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and this is only the beginning.


You will be part of a great team of sustainability and climate experts.

We recognize that flexibility is important to achieve a healthy work-life balance and we offer a hybrid work model with its base in our beautiful office in Gamla Stan in Stockholm.

We are connected to collective agreements and have an attractive benefits offer.


Finally, personal development is key to your and our success and we ensure that you get a structured plan with trainings, feedback sessions, and coaching opportunities to help your continual personal growth and development.


How to apply

Apply for the job by sending your application to

Please attach a personal letter and your CV with your email and write “Job application – Head of Sales and Climate contribution” in the title.

Applications can be written in either Swedish or English.


Application deadline:

5 January 2023

Applications will be reviewed continuously so do not wait with your application.



Any questions regarding the position you can contact our CEO Henrik Juhlin on his cell 0737387936 or via email at



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