Vad säger Miljömålsberedningen om klimatkompensation?

July 8, 2016

The Swedish government’s All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives (Miljömålsberedningen) has published two weighty reports this year, over 1000 pages in all. What have they said about carbon offsetting?


The Committee is a cross-party group of politicians, together with experts, tasked with advising the government on how its environmental goals can be achieved in a cost-effective way. The word “klimatkompensation” doesn’t appear in their recent reports, but the documents outline several principles which allow for the use of offsetting as part of the Swedish government’s emissions management strategy.


These principles include:

  • The polluter pays: any organization responsible for emissions should pay to clean up the pollution caused
  • All possible means should be used to reduce Sweden’s emissions in a cost-effective way, including verified emission reductions in other countries.

These are principles that our customers are already following. They pay to reduce their climate pollution and use offsetting as one of many actions within comprehensive emissions management strategies.  It seems they’re one step ahead of the experts and the Swedish government!