Village life in Khole, home of a Plan Vivo REDD project

June 29, 2017

The Plan Vivo-certified REDD project on Vanuatu is run by the Serakar clan who are based in Khole village on the East side of Espiritu Santo. On my recent trip to the project, we visited both the forest and the village itself. Here are some pictures of life in the village.
Families involved in Loru project, Santo Espiritu – Version 2

The families participating in the REDD project.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 08.16.39

A general view of the village.

The new kindergatan building

A water tank for collecting and storing rainwater for one household. For much of the year rainwater is sufficient, but sometimes in the dry season the tanks become empty and families have to collect water.

And finally, a notice in the communal dining hall, known as the Cowboys’ Saloon.
Note the rules:
Wash your own plate, cup and spoon.  
Put your hats, sunglasses, boots nad tools in a safe place after work.  
Chase chickens inside the restaurant!