ZeroMission joins UN Climate Neutral Now

June 5, 2020

ZeroMission has joined the UN initiative Climate Neutral Now. The initiative seeks to get as many companies as possible started with measuring, reducing and offsetting their footprints and we agree that all companies have to get started, as soon as possible. 

Joining the Climate Neutral Now initiative recognises three actions we take: 

  1. measuring ZeroMission’s carbon footprint (latest report is available here in Swedish) 
  2. reducing our carbon footprint year to year 
  3. offsetting our footprint 110% through the Plan Vivo certified project Drawa REDD+ in Fiji and buying an extra 5 tons from a CDM-certified project.

ZeroMission is also listed on the Climate Neutral Now website as an organisation providing advice and support on measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

ZeroMission is critical towards the UN Clean Development Mechanism because of concerns about additionality (see Öko Institute report) so it perhaps seems strange that we’ve signed up to Climate Neutral Now. But we recognise there’s a place for many different initiatives and there’s value in supporting some of these initiatives.   

The initiative is run by the UNFCCC which produces the science-based reports which inform decision-makers about the reality of climate change. The UNFCCC also convenes the COP meetings which are the best mechanism we have today for getting all countries involved in emissions reductions. So the UNFCCC has an absolutely critical role, which all should support. 

However the ambition level for companies participating in Climate Neutral Now is lower than we have for our customers.  

  1. Carbon footprint assessments for Climate Neutral Now can be limited to just scope 1 and scope 2 emissions 
  2. The initiative is based entirely on self-reporting  
  3. There are risks for companies in communicating that they’re “climate neutral when not following a standard such as ISO 14021 or PAS 2060.

We work with companies and organisations at all stages on their journey towards a sustainable level of emissions. In all cases we’re looking for willingness to change, at senior management level, and a high level of ambition to meet the considerable challenges ahead. The Climate Neutral Now initiative can be one step along the way. 


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