Carbon accounting

Instantly understand the carbon footprint of your organisation

We know that a serious approach is to do a pre-study in which we define what to measure. Is it the whole organization, parts of it or perhaps just products? After that we suggest what should be calculated.

In most cases we use our carbon accounting tool Our Impacts Sustainability Platform. When needed we also do manual calculations where our experts perform a more thorough work. This is ususally done to give our customer a good picture of their indirect emissions.

Our Impacts - user friendly

Our Impacts Sustainability Platform makes it easy for large or small organisations to structure their work quickly and to calculate the climate impact. Understand the results instantly, get data for your sustainability report and identify actions that will help you reduce your emissions.

Dedicate your time to analysis and improvements

Use the digital sustainability platform to save time from data handling, troubleshooting and reporting, and spend it on analysis, increased awareness and identifying real improvements.

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