Carbon Accounting

A first step in reducing emissions is to keep track of your carbon footprint. Read here about how we go about it.

How it works

EcoOnline ESG Platform makes it easy for large or small organisations to structure their work quickly and to calculate the climate impact. Understand the results instantly, get data for your sustainability report and identify actions that will help you reduce your emissions. Furthermore - EcoOnline ESG Platform is a complete sustainability platform ready for all sustainability reporting in accordance with CSRD.


Measure and analyze

Keep track of your climate footprint! We help measure and analyze greenhouse gas emissions from your operations according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, and compile data for sustainability reporting.


EcoOnline ESG Platform

The web-based EcoOnline ESG Platform provides clear and detailed calculations which are the basis for developing emissions reduction plans.

Warner Music Nordic calculates their climate impact

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Make a difference

In order to minimize the global warming we need to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester CO2 that is already in the atmosphere.

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