Carbon credits

Read more about how you can take responsibility for your emissions by investing in verified and certified carbon credits outside of your own value chain.

By investing in carbon credits you take direct responsibility for the emissions that are difficult to abate, while work is underway to reduce climate impact. We help you find projects around the world that benefit both the climate and the environment as well as the local people. This can be through energy efficiency, capture of greenhouse gases, tree planting with smallholders or forest conservation projects. We work exclusively with projects that are run by local partners and that contribute to all dimensions of sustainability.

How we choose projects

We work with the Plan Vivo Standard for afforestation / reforestation and forestry projects, Faritrade Climate Standard and Gold Standard for projects aiming for renewable energy. We have chosen these standards because they have clear criteria on social and ecological sustainability.

The standards are important but even more important to us is to get to know our projects. We continuously review and monitor the projects according to our own criteria, sometimes througn field visits.

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