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What’s good for businesses must also be good for the planet. ZeroMission exists to help companies, organisations and individuals to go further.

Our Story

ZeroMission was founded in 2006 by four sustainability consultants from U&We. When the daughter of one of the founders was flying to Inverness in Scotland, and she wanted to find a way to take responsibility for the climate impact of her flight, she found the Plan Vivo Foundation in Edinburgh. This led to the realization that natural climate solution could be used for offsetting emissions and ZeroMission was established. Since its inception the company has become the largest reseller of Plan Vivo-certified carbon offsetting in the world. Over the years we have accumulated extensive knowledge of the carbon offset market and climate action strategies for companies and organisations.

ZeroMission is owned today by the same four individuals. Our shared mission is to take companies beyond net zero emissions today for a living planet tomorrow.

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