We work for a future with zero emissions

We help you reach your climate goals

We offer companies and organizations climate strategies, carbon accounting and carbon offsetting. We urge our customers to speed up the work on reducing their carbon footprint by measuring, set targets, reduce and sequester CO2. Since 2006 we have been pushing our mission together with customers and partners to contribute to a planet in better balance. So far our combined impact adds up to over 5.7 million tonnes CO2 that’s been either removed, reduced or prevented from being emitted to the atmosphere. At the same time we have contributed to a number of the UN SDGs as co-benefits in the projects our customers invest in.

Serious climate action starts with a solid carbon calculation

We deliver high quality carbon accounting on different levels – product, corporate or work site. We offer manual calculations performed by our experts but usually the work is done in the Eco Online ESG platform (formerly Our Impacts).

Zeromissions beräkningar platformen EcoOnline logo och interface

We must reduce our own emitted CO2 and at the same time remove from the atmosphere

In order to reach the targets in accordance with the Paris agreement, climate action must include both corporate reductions AND removements of CO2 from the atmosphere. Our model at ZeroMission is to Measure – Reduce – Remove. Simply put, we need to calculate and understand our emissions in all scopes (1,2,3), reduce them by halving every 10 years and at the same time taking responsibility for the emissions we have today. Through carbon offsetting in tree planting projects CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere and this, right now, is the most efficient and serious way to act on climate change.

ZeroMissions räkna-minska-binda (klimatkompensera) system för att nå Paris-avtalets 1,5˚C-mål i 2030.

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