MAX launches climate-positive burger

November 3, 2021

If everyone took responsibility for their environmental impact, our planet would be well. Max Burgers does that – and more. Since 2008, they have carbon offset for 100% of their operations, which has contributed to over 2 million trees being planted on an area corresponding to 7,100 football pitches. Now they have taken it all a step further and are leading the way for more people who want to become climate positive. Christoffer Bergfors, Deputy CEO of Max Burgers, says:

"This is very important recognition for our climate work. As family owners are extremely proud and hope that MAX inspires more companies to become climate positive."

What makes the investment unique is the comprehensive climate strategy that analyzes 100% of the value chain’s emissions from a life cycle perspective, in accordance with a standard for climate neutrality. For MAX, the choice fell on the standard ISO 14021: 2017. At the same time, continuous work is underway to reduce the overall climate footprint.

The biggest effort is the Green family with green burgers, which was launched in 2016, which led to a fivefold increase in the number of green meals on the menu. Since then, sales of the green alternatives have increased by 1000%. Something that significantly reduces the climate impact.

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