REDD+ Nakau, Pacific Islands – Plan Vivo

November 14, 2019

The project aims to reduce local communities' vulnerability to climate change by supporting them to preserve their forest.

The Pacific Islands are very vulnerable to climate change, the population is severely affected by flooding, soil erosion and saltwater intrusion. The islands are only a few meters above sea level and are prone to disappear completely if sea levels continue to rise. The increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and droughts are also a significant stressor on local people.


In this carbon offsetting project, ZeroMission are working to conserve 4610 ha of tropical forests  that help to absorb atmospheric carbon which has been emitted by human activity. Alongside carbon sequestration, these forests also provide flood defences and natural resources such as clean drinking water for the people living there. The protection of these forests ensures a home to a variety of endangered species and safety for local people for generations to come.


The project started in 2014 and is coordinated by Live and Learn. During one year an estimated 66,803 tonnes of carbon are stored in biomass through this project.


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