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By carbon offsetting you take direct responsibility for the emissions that are difficult to access, while work is underway to reduce climate impact. We help you find projects around the world that benefit both the climate and the environment as well as the local people. This can be through energy efficiency, capture of greenhouse gases, tree planting with smallholders or forest conservation projects. We work exclusively with projects that are run by local partners and that contribute to all dimensions of sustainability.

How we choose projects

Our vision to benefit the planet guides us in choosing carbon offset projects. From day one, we have offered our customers small-scale holistic projects, locally-managed, which provide environmental and social benefits. These are our criteria:


The projects must be implemented with and by local organisations and project participants.


The projects must have a high degree of additionality, ie. that the income from carbon offsets really makes a difference.


The projects must have a verified and long-term climate benefit.


The projects must contribute to social sustainability, e.g. by creating new jobs and spreading new knowledge.

Different standards

We work with the Plan Vivo Standard for tree and forest projects, the Fairtrade Climate Standard and the Gold Standard for projects focusing on renewable energy, biogas and energy efficiency. We have chosen these standards because they contain clear requirements for social and environmental sustainability. The standards are important, but it is even more important to get to know each specific project. Therefore, we carefully evaluate suppliers and projects in accordance with our criteria, we follow-up continually, read all documentation and occasionally visit projects.

Plan Vivo

The tree-planting and forest conservation projects that we work with are certified by the Plan Vivo Standard, an internationally accepted standard for carbon offsetting which focuses on smallholders and ecosystems.

The Plan Vivo Standard regulates the measurement and monitoring of carbon sequestration and emissions reductions, as well as ensuring projects contribute to sustainable development for smallholders and the local environment. Validation and verification are performed by independent organisations such as the Rainforest Alliance, and projects are regularly audited. Plan Vivo projects are found in many less-developed parts of the world and the standard is supported by many environmental organizations.

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