Bagepalli biogas India – Fairtrade Climate Standard

November 7, 2019

Carbon offsetting project certified by Fairtrade. By installing biogas units, the need for firewood is reduced, which benefits the forest, while at the same time improving indoor air quality as no smoke is formed.

Bagepalli Coolie Sangha is a member organization that has existed for 25 years and consists of 38,615 families from 915 villages in India. The member organization independently conducts various development projects in its immediate environment for the members and the local community. One example is a project that involves Bagepalli Coolie Sangha building 18,000 biogas units for households in the Chickballapur district of India. The goal is to replace kerosene and wood burning with biogas for cooking and to heat water.


The biogas units provide enough for the daily cooking in a family. The members of each household help to build the biogas unit themselves and fill it with cow dung and other organic waste. The technology is proven in India where it has been used for many years. Project development and follow-up takes place locally, as is service and maintenance. Households are the producers and themselves benefit from the carbon credits (Fairtrade Carbon Credits) that are generated.


The residues from the biogas plants also provide an effective fertilizer that smallholder farmers can use for their cultivation.


"Rich people use gas for cooking and since I use biogas, I feel rich too."

Jenny Blomberg

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