Efficient stoves, India – Fairtrade Climate Standard

November 7, 2019

Indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of premature deaths in the world. This project reduces the need for firewood and simultaneously improves the indoor environment.

In rural India, about 80-90% of the energy is produced from non-renewable biomass. The wood is burned on inefficient stoves that require large amounts of fuel and that emit large amounts of soot particles. Indoor air pollution causes about 875,000 premature deaths per year in India. Drought means that the lack of wood to use for cooking is also great.

As with Fairtrade-certified products, there is a minimum price for Fairtrade Carbon Credits.

The project is located in Raichur and replaces traditional stoves with the Chulika stove in 21,500 households. This reduces the pressure on natural resources while livelihoods are improved. In each household, emissions are reduced by about 2.1 tonnes of CO2 per year and in addition the need for firewood is reduced by about 67.5%. As the Chulika stove reduces indoor pollution, the risk of eye disease and breathing difficulties for families is reduced.

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