Efficient stoves with loan groups Kenya – Gold Standard

November 14, 2019

Indoor air pollution from wood-burning stoves is one of the leading causes of premature deaths in the world. With these smart stoves, less wood is needed, which reduces both the smoke and is good for the environment as the need for wood is reduced.

Traditionally, people cook over an open fire in Siaya Kenya, something that requires a lot of wood. In this carbon offsetting project, microloan groups are formed that allow families to afford efficient cookstoves. The cookstoves reduce the demand for firewood and thus the pressure on the local forests and emissions. It also frees up time that would otherwise be spent collecting firewood. The stove requires 40-50 percent less wood and is manufactured by local craftsmen and using locally available materials.


The local organization Tembea Youth Center for Sustainable Development, manages the microloan groups. Over time, they are transferred to the semi-autonomous activities throughout the project area. They become women-led financial institutions with the power to influence decision-making and shape leadership. Microloans also lead to social and financial empowerment of women.


"Thanks to the project, I am able to send my children to school and to the doctor and I was able to buy 6 sheep and poultry." - Genevive Akoth

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