A business-driven solution to deforestation in Bolivia – Plan Vivo

September 30, 2019

In Bolivia, in the tropical regions of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, Agroforestry projects that have been active since 2007.

Deforestation had been a major issue in these areas for a long time, but this business-driven solution has helped to curb it. By working with over 2,000 smallholder farmers, 5,000 acres of land have been reforested due to tree planting work on land owned by farmers. The project supports the farmers to manage their land, so they can profit from the forest and cash crops in a sustainable way that benefits both farmers and forest.


The project, certified by Plan Vivo, works hand in hand for poverty alleviation and biodiversity protection. It ensures that a sustainable timber industry can be used to provide for families and defend the forest. Participating farmers are taught agricultural techniques to reduce the need for slash and burn farming, utilizing clever crop rotations and intercropping methods to get the most out of the land without damaging it.


Farmers and local investors then split the profits and the whole community benefits. Meanwhile, 1200 hectares remain reserved as a conservation area and is handed back to nature, allowing the sequestration of carbon dioxide within the trees and a return of rich biodiversity.

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