Mikoko Pamoja Mangrove, Kenya – Plan Vivo

August 10, 2020

Despite its great potential as an important carbon sink, marine ecosystems are threatened more than any other ecosystem on the planet. Mikoko Pamoja, "mangroves together", is a pioneering and innovative project that provides multiple benefits for the Gazi Bay community in southern Kenya: combating climate change, conserving biodiversity and improving society's livelihoods.

Mikoko Pamoja is the world’s first project to finance conservation of mangrove forests through the sale of carbon offset credits. The project is a collaboration between local, national and international organizations that have joined forces to support the management of the mangroves in this special bay on Kenya’s southeast coast. Voluntary organizations, research institutions and authorities work together to support the local villages to protect its vital mangrove forest, which benefits both the local community, the environment and the climate.

Mangroves provide a wide range of services and benefits to both the environment and the surrounding community. These include coastal protection, nursery habitat for fish including many species fished by the surrounding communities, water purification, improving biodiversity and sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By raising income from forest resources, including carbon credits and other income-generating activities such as beekeeping and ecotourism, the project safeguards these benefits for the local community and for future generations.


This community-led project also supports local development projects such as provision of schoolbooks, construction of school buildings and the provision of clean drinking water.


This innovative project has received international recognition. In 2017, the project won the prestigious Equator Initiative Award for its work.


ZeroMission visited the project in 2016.

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