Climate Positive

To keep to the 1.5-degree global warming target, we need to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and absorb the carbon dioxide we have already emitted. Becoming climate positive means that more carbon dioxide is sequestered than emitted.

Today, there is no independent Standard describing how businesses or products can become climate positive. However, ISO 14021: 2017 includes a definition of carbon neutrality and there is the British PAS 2060: 2014 for carbon neutrality. To be climate positive a product or organisation should first become climate neutral and then offset for more than the total greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain.

At ZeroMission, we specialize in natural climate solutions for carbon offsetting, such as tree-planting and forest conservation certified by Plan Vivo.

Our methodology can be summarized in to four steps



Measure all greenhouse gas emissions in carbon dioxide equivalents - Scope 1, 2 and all categories in scope 3.



Document all data and sources and verify the calculations against a standard.



Take steps to reduce.


Carbon Offset

Purchase carbon offsets for the total emissions plus an additional volume.

MAX launches climate-positive burger

ZeroMission launched climate positive together with Max Burgers in 2018. Read more about their climate positive menu.

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In order to reach the 1.5-degree global warming target we need to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester CO2 that is already in the atmosphere.

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