CommuniTree Carbon Programme Nicaragua – MAX

January 1, 2023

CommuniTree is one of our most innovative and advanced forest projects working to restore forests in Nicaragua and has received the Rainforest Alliance Eco-Index Award for it’s work. Due to the success of the project, the developer, Taking Root, has been consulted by the government of Nicaragua and other authorities regarding their methods and practices.

The project is based in northern Nicaragua where farmers are offered payments for carefully planted and well-kept native trees species on their land. The project uses agroforestry and intercropping techniques to ensure that trees planted for carbon money do not compete with food security but in fact increase agricultural yield. For example, large native tree species provide shade for coffee bushes and smaller crops which increases the yield and protects against soil erosion. Some of the species planted may also provide medicinal qualities and biochar facilities are being developed to add value to the thinning process. This project has a large focus on developing value chains to ensure the trees planted are worth the most while standing.


Each hectare of the project can be linked to a landowner and visualized in Google Earth, providing powerful communicative value for investors. In 2018, CommuniTree presented their work at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Agency in Rome, and the same year the founder of the project received the Meritorious Service Cross award.


CommuniTree, which has its local office in Limay in northwestern Nicaragua, has hired locally to manage and monitor the project. In a short time it has become the largest employer in the region. In addition, advanced IT solutions that include GPS and PDAs with cameras and customized software provide more accurate monitoring results.

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