Trees for Global Benefits, Uganda – MAX

January 1, 2023

Uganda is a country rich in natural resources, but as the population grows and the standard of living improves, issues of deforestation become more pronounced. This project works with smallholder farmers to continue improving their standard of living while simultaneously sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and preserving unique habitats rich in biodiversity.

MAX’s long-term engagement with this project has been central to it’s success throughout Uganda. The money given by MAX has hand a marked impact on the landscape and the people who inhabit it.


From 2008 until today, MAX’s has financed the removal of of 1,150,211 tonnes of CO2e, which corresponds to planting around 2.2 million trees on an area that covers approximately 8,000 football pitches. Today, the project includes 15,119 households and has been able to expand to the Rwenzori Mountains, an area on the border to Congo that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The project developer, Ecotrust, won the SEED award prize from the UN for its successful work to support small farmers with sustainable agriculture and forestry along with climate adaptation.

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